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We post job listings on Twitter accounts for multiple different major cities (partial account list below, or full list here). All account followings are organically grown using only localized hashtags and thus extremely targeted.

@jobs4U_ accounts


Tweets can be scheduled manually via emailing us. If you wish to make multiple scheduled or recurring tweets and wish to make a bulk payment, please include your requested schedule for the tweets. To cover our time for posting the jobs, we request a Paypal donation of $10 for each requested tweet via this link. If the Paypal donation is made from an email address other than yours, please include that info so we know who it is from. Also, please tell us:
-which cities/streams to post to (full account list above, or here)
-text of each tweet (in 140 chars or less, of course, including any links to the posting on Craigslist or elsewhere)
-requested dates and/or times to post (if desired); at least 48 hours in advance for best results


We try our best to schedule all tweet requests within 24-48 hours of receiving them, and to post at the requested dates/times. Once verbiage and donation are received, the tweet is posted and the transaction is final. We reserve the right to reject any tweets for irrelevant or objectionable content. We reserve all other rights.

We may also consider transferring ownership of certain accounts in exchange for donations at a rate of about $1/follower. Ask for more details.


P.S. – Need to contact us?